Morrowind Script Extender 0.9.2a

So you want to write scripts using the [[#|new]] MWSE functions? If you don't know how to write normal Morrowind scripts, please go read GBuriGhan's 'Morrrowind Scripting for Dummies' (Planet Elder Scrolls: PDF - Doc / ElricM: PDF - Doc) and at least learn the basics of writing the standard scripts in the Construction Set then come back here.

Writing extended scripts is only slightly more difficult than the standard scripts. MWSE adds over 80 new functions, 2 new variable types, and alternate set, if, and while statements for use with the new functions.

MWSE was originally created by FreshFish. CDCooley later took up and continued development, updating and improving it. Most recently, TP21 has been working on furthering the function. MWEdit was written by Dave Humphrey. MWEditSE is based upon MWEdit.

MWSE 0.9.2a is available from Fliggerty's Morrowind Mods.
If you just want to run a MWSE based mod like ImprovedTeleportation, please download this smaller runtime version.

If you are a modder interested in using the new functions in your mod you want this version. It contains MWEditSE, which will allow you to compile MWSE based scripts.

The source code for v0.9.2 is available here.

The latest version of MWEdit (v0.6.1) can be used to write script using MWSE and / or MWE functions.
The latest version of MWSE (0.9.4a) is available here.

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